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The Texas All Star Round Up is the All Star Game for the “ENTIRE STATE OF TEXAS”.  Established in 2015 the All Star Round Up was started to recognize the very best players in the State while reinstating a Texas Tradition.  Getting the best players to the field at once is tough to do but this event has been extremely successful in that regard.  The level of skill, and ability in the state has increased every year.  It’s a celebration for seniors who will be gracing the field for the last time as high school lacrosse players, and a teaser for the upcoming season as rising seniors demonstrate that the State is in great hands.  For seniors not everyone wins the Champinoship, this is a great way to send them out on a high note!  The event traditionally takes place the weekend after the Texas High School State Championships


In an effort to provide more visibility for players across the State, StickStar Productions has Live Streamed every iteration of this event.  In the years we’ve held it, Coaches have tuned in to get a live look at top tier Texas Talent!


In 2017 the 2 games featured players from 31 different HS teams representing HTX, DTX, ATX, FWTX, and SATX.  There were 56 current NCAA commits (at the time) between the two games heading to 40 different NCAA programs.


Each year the uniforms for the game have improved.  StickStar manufacture’s the gear, but in 2018 STX will add a little value as well.  There will either be a helmet or glove associated with attendance which should be exciting!

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