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StickStar Productions is the Media wing of our company.  It is composed of LiveStreaming, Video Services, StickStar's Video Content, and Highlight Film Creation. Getting on the mic and breaking down games is one of our favorite things to do.  We have knowledge of the players, the game, the landscape and use our vernacular to relay the game as only StickStar can.  StickStar utilizes for all aspects of production.  Check it out and Subscribe for all of our CONTENT!


StickStar has been the official LiveStream Partner for both The Texas High School Lacrosse League (High School) and the LoneStar Alliance (Collegiate).  In addition to the Regular and Post Season action for those two groups we've also LiveStreamed StickStar events such as the annual StickStar Showcase & the Texas All Star Round Up.  Please reach out if you'd like your events streamed! #SweaterVestSeason


StickStar Content Campaigns include the Weekly Announcements, Taco Tuesdays, Commitment Celebration Clips, Productions 2.0, and StickStar Select Championship Highlights.  In addition we put together educational clips in the form of StickStar Tutorials & StickStarHabits videos.  We have fun putting together all kinds of content and now with our Offices Green Screen the sky is the limit.


Another aspect of our Productions services includes putting together quality highlight films.  It's important to know exactly what College Coaches want to see and the folks putting together our clips have that understanding.  Manipulating film, producing the video, and uploading are all part of the process.  We ask that players time stamp their films and then submit.  We ramp this service up every summer! Contact us at

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