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StickStar Productions

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StickStar Productions is the Media wing of our company.  We provide Live Streams of quality lacrosse action, along with Highlight Film creation. 

On the Mic:  Getting on the mic and breaking down games is one of our favorite things to do.  In 2014 we Live Streamed several THSLL games, granting the league unprecedented coverage.  After rocking the mic we were shut down.  In 2016 we stepped our game up and went next level, providing coverage to the LoneStar Alliance.  A tremendous partnership brought the LSA regular season and post coverage.  It was great, and we look forward to continuing this relationship. 

On top of Regular Season and Post Season Coverage of both High School and Collegiate lacrosse, we Live Stream our events.  Below you’ll see the 2016 & 2017 Texas All Star Round Up matches, and needless to say, they were awesome.  We also live Stream our Showcase Games, and that’s where the StickStar Productions all started.  Streaming in Texas gives coaches from across the Country access and visibility to players from the Lone Star State.  We think it makes sense, and we’ll keep doing it.  Please check out our work below, and key us in if you’d like more information.

LoneStar Alliance Championship Game: SMU vs. Texas State

2014 THSLL Championship Game: ESD vs. Jesuit

The 2016 Game @ the Texas All Star Round Up.

The 2017 Game @ the Texas All Star Round Up.

StickStar Productions Highlights

In addition to the Live Streaming we also put together quality highlight films.  One of our Alums has quite the ability to produce them, and below you’ll see some of his work.  If this is something you’re interested in please email  Below you’ll find the requisite Highlight Reel Form.  We look forward to creating one of these for you!