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DSelect, Texas United, Texas Box Lacrosse, TNT, the FireAntz, and much more!

    StickStar Select: While StickStar is the overarching company brand, the teams associated with it include Dallas Select, Texas United, and Texas Box Lacrosse.  We are committed to building the most comprehensive Statewide program for development developed by Texans for Texans.  StickStar has spent years cultivating a uniquely efficient and comprehensive, component-based methodology for development.  Finally, StickStar Select programs have had consistent matriculation over the past ten years.  While matriculation is encouraged, we see it as a function of consistent training and dedicated improvement.  We do not believe travel teams are simply a means to college scholarships.  We do believe the first goals should be to improve, play against quality opponents, and be put in a position to be seen by many of the nation's best coaches.

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    Dallas Select

    Dallas Select is the longest running Select Program in the State.  During the summer of 2008 DSelect put on it’s staple khaki game shorts and started a culture.  Establishing Precedent, and the notion that Texans could matriculate to the next level with greater consistency were two of our greatest goals. DSelect has established a reputation, and coaches know and appreciate our consistency.

    Texas Box Lacrosse

    StickStar, in association with Sullivan Lacrosse, has developed the only select Box Program in the State, Texas Box Lacrosse, and we are firmly committed to build upon it.  In our first calendar year we registered several Championships, the first Box Championships for any Texas Team.   StickStar youth players have a heavy concentration in Box as it’s benefits are profound.

    Texas United

    Established in 2011, Texas United is truly a unified, Statewide team and the model upon which our youth program was built.  Players from HTX, ATX, and DTX all represent this team. UNITED.  Our first U15 (Class of '16) team was formed from StickStar Seminar Attendance.  Now we travel all of our high schoolers under this banner in the fall.  As seniors, our players finish their StickStar careers representing the State. 

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    Consistent for over 10 Years.

    One of the best parts of StickStar is its history.  Coach Crimmins started traveling teams in 2004 when he was just 22 years old.  In the "Hall of Teams" you can see our squads over the years, a chronology that no one else can match.  For StickStar it's all about consistency over time.  Please check it out!


    Right now, matriculation is the most oversold aspect of the Select Team industry.  We refuse to take all credit when our players move up the ladder, but we do celebrate their achievement.  That's when the hard work begins. We do, however, understand the equation, and the consistency of our matriculation is documented.  For StickStar, it’s all about development, and we focus on the proficiencies necessary to differentiate a player on the High School Level and give him the tools to compete at the Collegiate Level.  StickStar’s Select teams have helped players from across the state head to the next level.  We have had numerous become NCAA commits, but, most often, it can be attributed to their dedication in training.  StickStar’s Dallas Select program has had over one hundred players head off to the D1, D2, or D3 levels.  There is no entitlement in our program.  Everything is earned, just as it is at the next level!

    If you are being oversold on your child's ability to matriculate, please understand three things:  You can only control the controllables; expectations must be managed; and matriculation is never guaranteed.  Effort put towards training and the amount of opportunities you seek to improve are up to you.  That is where we place our focus.

    Denver Summer Team Challenge Champs.

    UNC Team Camp Champs. #3PETE


    Recent Success!

    Recent Commitments.

    Jack Hannah (2017) - Denver

    Luke Fisher (2017) - Stevenson

    Lake De La Fuente (2019) - Cornell

    Jacob Stoebner (2018) - Princeton

    Cody Foster (2017) - Jacksonville

    Jack Barron (2018) - Furman

    StickStar Select Travel Team Programs.

    Dallas Select Summer HS Program.

    Texas United U15 Program.