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StickStar Report: Texas Lacrosse Coverage

    StickStar's promotion of Texas Lacrosse across a multitude of platforms has been diligent and comprehensive.  The StickStar Report, Annual Online Coverage, is the source for regular season insight in the State of Texas.  Year in and year out, StickStar attends more games and covers more matches than anyone.  Game previews, recaps, Men of the Match, 2nd Season, Watch Lists, accolades, Live Streams, Productions - our content creation is unrivaled.  No one does it better, but, to be quite honest, no one else is crazy enough to do it!  With that being said, this IS your home for Texas Lacrosse Coverage.

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    StickStarReport 2017 Coverage Breakdown.

    The Annual StickStar Coverage calendar is broken into three, key sections: The PreSeason will take the place of our annual magazine (which is being put on the back burner for just a bit), StickStarReport17 Regular Season Coverage (entering our 8th season), and finally, 2nd Season, our coverage of the Play-Ins, Super Regionals, State Championships, and the Texas All Star Round Up.  We are pumped to get this new year going and bring you more, consistent, Texas Lacrosse coverage than ever before!

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