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Component Based Instructional Methodology™ will be the home for training in the Lone Star State.  Here we will post all the details that come along with the actual on-field development portion of our program.  From our seminars to our combines, box instruction, training films to our calendars, all such info will be provided here.  StickStar utilizes a variety of training opportunities annually to round out its player development.  These include seminars, combines, seasonal practice, box opportunities, and competition (ie. Dallas Select / Texas United / Texas Box Lacrosse / Affiliate Training).  You will find all the associated dates, times, and locations here.

The #StickStar Republic and it's AFFILIATES!

StickStar has provided instruction for over 10 years and programs across the State have taken notice.  Upwards of 9 different programs have at some time paired with our company to bring instruction & development to their program.  From Tulsa to Austin, Houston to Dallas, and San Antonio too, folks across the south are excited to work with StickStar.

Finally, on this sitelet, we will also go into the technical, system-based discussion of why we believe our ability to teach is on par with any program nationwide.  The Component Based Instructional Methodology™ has been developed over 10+ years and has proven #StickStarHabits are consistently effective year in and year out.


(Fall & Spring) StickStar Seminars are a key component to our United based approach to Statewide Development.  Seminars range anywhere from 6 – 10 hours, with a cost of $75, and provide the greatest value for lacrosse instruction in the State.  We ask you invest the time to have your player train with us and provide you and your player the opportunity to try out our instruction and evaluate whether it is something you are interested in.  We are working very hard to build a statewide program that offers great instruction, and this is where it starts.


(Winter / Summer) StickStar Combines are traditionally longer than seminars and augmented by utilizing competition and sprinkling in college coaches.  The college coaches that are brought in are truly select and trusted in terms of their approach and dedication to development.  Each of the coaches comes with a considerable amount of positional understanding.  At the combines we layer on technique from individual / positional skills to learn team based understanding and finish it up with competition with a focus on execution.  Each year the competition has changed anywhere from 7’s to Box.


(Spring / Summer) While everyone is enthused and thrilled to just play Box Lacrosse, it’s a little tougher than that.  StickStar and Sullivan Lacrosse have joined forces to build the States first true Box Program, Texas Box Lacrosse.  Box Training Camps are crucial to get the mindset of our players flipped from field to the Box Game.  The Training Camps will take place prior to our players leaving for USBOXLA events.  In 2016 Texas Box Lacrosse attended the Denver Battle in the Box, the Resolute Midwest Classic, and Box Nationals.  Box Training Camps get us prepped to play at a high level.

We Train.