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The Art of Erasing #AofE

(YEAR ROUND) StickStar’s the Art of Erasing (#AofE) is here to change the face of goaltender training. How many camps have you been to where goaltenders are herded like cattle through random drills, none of which are tailored to their specific skill set? If you’re like most, the answer is all of them. Well that stops here. With our Seminars, Clinics, and Camps, we offer three different avenues to improve a goaltender’s skillset, all of which are influential on their own or stacked with our other programs. Want to see what makes us different from all other goaltender trainings in the nation?


Seminars are the core of the AofE training methodology and will be held in conjunction with regular StickStar Seminars. Over these two days, a goaltender’s bad habits will be identified and solutions will be introduced. Then, the goaltenders will face live shooting situations to test their new skills while receiving live feedback on their performance. This is an excellent opportunity to test out our radical new approach to goaltender training as well as a great refresher for goalies wanting to hone their skills and ensure they stay sharp.


Clinics will take Seminars to the next level. Lasting three days, a goaltender will receive extra individual training and a tailored training program for their individual areas of improvement. The first day will be a deep dive into a goaltenders skill set. A variety of drills will be used to ensure that all areas of the position are explored. The remaining sessions will group goalies by their individual areas of improvement where drills will be designed specifically to improve that skill set!!! No longer will a goalie be put through days of generic drills to get a small return on investment over a long period of time. If a goaltender is excellent on off-hip shots, we are not going to spend a ton of time on his off-hip. That same student may need help in the clearing game and low strong side shots. Whereas other trainings will split a goaltender’s time evenly across all areas, we will tailor this experience to ensure he gets the most help in the areas where he needs it most. This approach will be laser focused and ensure that our goalies get the most out of their experience.


Camps will elevate the AofE experience into the stratosphere. In our four to five day sessions, we will introduce a number of unique experiences to goaltenders. First, we will utilize individual filming sessions and review with each goaltender to analyze their game. The aim is for goaltenders to see what we see as they are stopping a ball, which has excellent results when paired with receiving verbal instruction on the field. Next, we will explore one of the least taught, but most important, aspects of lacrosse goaltending…the mental game.

  • How do you manage your team? Your defense?
  • How do you handle getting shelled?
  • How do you manage being underworked?
  • How can you affect the game outside of just stopping and clearing the ball?
  • How do you manage your emotions, both positive and negative?

Of course, what is the mental game without the physical prowess to accompany it? The AofE will increase your goalie’s athletic ability in the cage by teaching goaltender specific dry-land training. Too often, goaltenders get lumped in with the rest of the team in regards to conditioning. This is the wrong approach. Goaltenders are required to make exorbitant bursts of energy, repeatedly, of short periods of time. Their exertion of energy and recovery time is far different than a field player’s. With this training, goaltenders will have the tools they need to compete at the top of their game throughout the season.

Finally, Camps will expose the goaltender to some of the most influential netminders in the game today, including active MLL and DI goaltenders. These guest coaches will share some of the drills they use to improve their weaknesses as well as work with goalies individually to provide an additional knowledge base to further add to the skill building process. Additionally, these guest coaches will put on demonstrations where the students can watch the skills we are teaching being used in real time by some of the best in the game!