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A running total of all our Seminars!

3/27/2012: Our 1st Seminar Ever. The Gym at Houston Christian. The Beginning!

A History of Texas United Seminars.

Just as we have a Hall of Teams, we have a History of Training.  Texas United Seminars were started with the idea of driving quality kids to the fields to improve.  Wherever, whenever, StickStar would get there, set up, and get it going.  A mobile operation. That was 6 years ago and our training has grown judiciously.  When you train with StickStar it's just different, but the one consistent is development.  You will improve, and you will be more skilled.  It's not the same set of drills and application, it's unique and tailored to developing players at any range of skill level.  We will help you get better.  Our Component Based Instructional Methodology helps make any player the best possible version of themselves from a skill and understanding standpoint, as long as the player remains consistent!  Simply put, if you train with StickStar consistently the results are guaranteed.  Your athleticism isn't, but you get the idea.  What does consistently mean, well, it's a process.  The more time you invest, the more you will improve.  #StickStarHabits are real, and translatable.  We look forward to developing your game.

Above, you'll see a picture of our 1st seminar.  Below you'll see a picture from every seminar, combine, training camp, or affiliate seminar since.  You'll see tons of D1 commits, TX All Americans, All State, All District, and real contributors to their teams.  For StickStar everything is a function of training, that's where we start.  We enjoy helping develop players from across the State!  If you'd like to train with StickStar Click Here to join our list for upcoming training opportunities. 

Chronological Training Breakdown!

2020 Hylax Seminar

2020 OK United Seminar

2019 Winter Combine

2019 DTX JTP.

2019 ATX JTP.

2019 HTX JTP

2019 Park Cities Seminar

2019 Summer Combine

2019 Memorial Day Wknd Seminar

2019 State Champ Seminar

2019 Spring Break DTX Seminar

2019 HTX Spring Break Seminar

2019 The City LC Seminar

StickStar Box Training Camp @ Titan 1.0 ! #PRECEDENT

2019 HYLAX Seminar.

2018 Winter Combine 6.0. Our biggest training event EVER!

2018 Fall Westlake Consultation.

2018 Fall HTX Legacy Seminar.

1st ever Seminar in Louisiana with RCLC affiliate.

Fall 2018 OK United Box Seminar

Fall 2018 ATX JTP

Fall 2018 HTX JTP

Fall 2018 DTX JTP

Fall 2018 Tulsa JTP

2018 Summer Combine

Oklahoma United Summer Semianr

2018 Legacy Summer Seminar

2018 State Championship Seminar (ATX)

Spring Break HTX Seminar.

Spring Break DTX Seminar.

Texas Box Lacrosse Reso Training Camp.

1st ever OKC Seminar!

OK United Inagural Seminar.

Spring 2018 - HYLAX Seminar.

Winter Combine Year 5!

Fall 2017: Titan Oklahoma Affiliate Seminar #2

Fall 2017: HTX Hounds Affiliate Seminar

Fall 2017: HTX Legacy Affiliate Seminar

Fall 2017: Titan Oklahoma Affiliate Seminar

Fall 2017: HTX Seminar / Relief Drive

Fall 2017: MLC Affiliate Seminar

Fall 2017: DTX Youth Tryout

Summer 2017: Summer HS Combine

Summer 2017: Seven Lakes State Champion Seminar 6.0

Spring 2017: DTX Spring Break Seminar

Spring 2017: ATX Spring Break Seminar

Winter 2017: 1st OKLAHOMA Seminar

Winter 2017: Box Training Camp

Winter 2017: DTX Training

Every Seminar in Chronological Order from 2012 moving forward!

Spring 2012: 1st ATX Seminar.

Summer 2012: 1st ever State Championship Seminar.

Fall 2012: 1st Fall Seminar in the Woodlands.

Spring 2013: ATX Seminar.

Spring 2013: Spring Break Seminar HTX.

Summer 2013: State Championship Seminar 2.0

Summer 2013: Combine 1.0

Fall 2013: HTX Seminar

Fall 2013: DTX Seminar

Fall 2013: Fall Combine

Winter 2013. Winter Combine 1.0

Spring 2014: HTX Seminar

Spring 2014: ATX Seminar

Summer 2014: State Championship Seminar 3.0

Summer 2014: Youth Combine

Fall 2014: HTX Seminar

Fall 2014: DTX Seminar

Winter 2014: Winter Combine 2.0

Winter 2014: Winter Combine 2.0

Spring 2015: DTX Seminar

Spring 2015: HTX Seminar

Spring 2015: HTX Seminar

Summer 2015: State Championship Combine 4.0

Summer 2015: Summer Seminar

Summer 2015: DTX Box Training Camp

Fall 2015: ATX Seminar

Fall 2015: HTX Seminar

Fall 2015: DTX Seminar

Winter 2015: Combine 3.0

Winter 2016: TX Box Training Camp

Spring 2016: HTX Spring Break Seminar

Summer 2016: State Championship Seminar 4.0

Summer 2016: Box Training Camp

Summer 2016: HS Summer Combine

Fall 2016: HTX Seminar

Fall 2016: HTX Seminar #2

Fall 2016: HYLAX Seminar 1.0

Fall 2016: MLC Seminar #1

Fall 2016: DTX Seminar

Fall 2016: Boxtoberfest

Winter 2016: Winter Combine 4.0