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Anthony Crimmins Coaches at Adrenaline High Rollers Showcase

12/14/2009, 9:20am CST

Team Brine posts a 3-1-1 record out at Whittier

November 18th - 20th marked the dates of this years Adrenaline High Rollers Showcase.  It was Anthony Crimmins's first experience with the overall West Coast Lacrosse scene.  The competition was legitimate as the athletes out there were plentiful and skilled.  There were a few Dallas Select players out there representing the Texas Lacrosse scene.

DSelect Players included:

1. Buck McClure (Dallas Jesuit)

2. Gil Cassagne (St. Marks)

3. Richie Sapp ( Dallas Jesuit)

4. Sean Pollock (Dallas Jesuit)

5. Trevor Atkins (Hillcrest)

6. Grif Cassagne (St. Marks)

7. Hunter Moore (ESD)

8. Patrick Franklin (Plano)

We were happy to see our guys perform well.  Their overall Lacrosse IQ's and skill level relative to their competition was on par to a little above. 

The Adrenaline coaches did a tremenous job putting on a top notch lacrosse recruiting event.  This is definitely a recruiting event that Dallas Select endorses.  We need to have as many guys out there as possible.


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