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StickStar Recruiting Radar 1.1

10/23/2014, 9:00am CDT
By Editor

Billig 16', Skarnulis 18', Sadlowski 16', Morris 17', Seebold 17'

Rd. 1

Our first StickStar Recruiting Radar highlights 4 players from across the Great State and even one from across the Red River.

Tyler Billig - The Woodlands

Max Sadlowski - St. Marks

Owen Seebold - Highland Park

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Tyler Billig (2016 – Attack – Woodlands, HTX)
Highlights -

Tyler Billig is a player with serious skills, tons of swagger, and all the intangibles you look for in an attackman.  This crafty finisher can turn the corner with both hands, dial it in from distance, and turn a defenseman inside out.  Often drawing tons of attention, Billig distributes the ball well and is not afraid of contact or going hard in the paint. 

Carver Skarnulis (2018 – Goalie – Anderson, ATX)
Highlights -

Carver is arguably one of the top goalies in the Great State at his grade level.  Kid has the moxy associated with quality goaltenders and is already baiting opposing shooters and gobbling up nearly everything off hip routinely.  Boasting a solid stick and capable clearing ability, he is able to get the ball up and out consistently.  Carver might have the opportunity to lock down the Anderson crease for years to come.  While his highlights come from his rising frosh year, there is definitely room to grow.  From an ability to stop the ball, though, there aren’t many better in his class.

Max Sadlowski (2016 – Defenseman – St. Marks, DTX)
Highlights -

Had Max Sadlowski not suffered a summer-ending injury at Jake Reed's, he would likely be drawing tons of attention.  Regardless, this kid will find a home.  An intelligent player with feet and stick skills, Sadlowksi drew the #1 of every St. Mark's opposing attackmen as a sophomore.  This included Nick Hruby (Air Force), Richie Loftus (Dartmouth), Zach Kissick (UNC), and Bryce Wasserman (Monmouth). 

J.P. Morris (2017 – Attack / Mid – OKC Knights)
Highlights -

While we haven’t seen much in the way of Oklahoma Lacrosse, last spring we saw the OKC Knights defeat Austin High at the Woodlands Mudlsinger.  JP Morris hails form this squad and, per his film, you can tell he is a serious athlete.  A D-Lineman with a 6-2, 220 frame, this kid has the skill and speed which passes any sight test.  Not only does he have the athleticism required, but his individual skills include vision, the ability to carry with pressure, a heavy shot on the run, and the much-desired, truck stick. 

Owen Seebold (2017 – Attack – Highland Park, DTX)
Highlights -

Owen Seebold is definitely a slick attackman who will add tons of experience to the Highland Park Varsity squad for years to come.  As a freshman, Seebold racked up the points contributing consistently to a solid HP D2 team.  Drawing the #1 matchup consistently, Seebold had the opportunity to gain tremendous experience carrying against talented upperclassmen in just his freshman season.  While it’s tough to prognosticate who will make which HP roster, Seebold will contribute once he settles in.  Quality vision, with an impressive first step, Seebold finishes all day with either hand. 

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