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StickStar Recruiting Radar 1.4

11/14/2014, 11:30am CST
By Editor

Murphy, '17; Johnston, '15; Van Den Dyssel, '17; Binney, '18

Grant Murphy (2017 – Defense – The Woodlands)

When assessing current 2017s, without a doubt, Grant Murphy hangs out near the top in terms of long stick options.  The rangy, 6’1” defenseman has the ability to put the ball on the turf and then, quickly, gobble it up.  His size and tenacity also make him a very difficult matchup for would-be dodgers.  Murphy is a wide-out in football which should let everyone know that he has both the hands and feet of a quality athlete.  The football offensive player and defensive lacrosse player pairing is always intriguing as it highlights the skilled nature of this competitor.  Murphy’s older brother, Tyler, was an All American last year at The Woodlands and currently plays D1 lacrosse at Fairfield.  Murphy passes the sight test and will be a dominant player in the Houston region as he started for the Final 4 bound, Highlanders squad as a freshman.

Griffin Johnston (2015 – Midfield – Hillcrest)

Every now and again, we will sprinkle in current commits that we think players should take a look at.  We will start with Griffin Johnston.  Johnston is about as complete an athlete and player as we have in the State of Texas.  Not only is he a quality athlete but, from a student standpoint, he is off the charts.  In his video, notice his physicality, explosiveness, and ability to generate quality shots in a confined area.  Johnston amassed 20 goals between 2 summer tournaments last season.  His highlight film is something young players should watch and try to emulate.  The kid can flat out play.

AJ Van Den Dyssel (2017 – Midfield / Attack – Southlake)

As Southlake continues to improve and develop quality, well-rounded players, AJ Van Den Dyssel certainly fits this mold.  A talented, ambidextrous player, who can play both attack and midfield, Van Den Dyssel will contribute substantially as a sophomore.  In his freshman campaign, Van Den Dyssel played a pretty solid roll as a defensive midfielder in crucial minutes against The Woodlands.  The kid is pretty much a Swiss army knife of talents.  Tough in between the lines and with a nose for the goal, Van Den Dyssel finishes consistently.  On the perimeter, it’s tough to figure out which hand dominates, as both are used effectively.  Due to his box prowess, AJ can carry with pressure and get his shot off a variety of ways.  He’ll definitely add value to a young and talented group at Southlake.

Quinn Binney (2018 – Midfield – The Woodlands)

As The Woodlands keeps producing talented players, Quinn Binney is another freshman who will contribute immediately down at the Houston powerhouse.  A two-way midfielder, who excels in most phases of the game, Binney is a tough competitor who can score the ball well.  Due to his size and speed, Binney is not a matchup to take advantage of while he is on defense.  A tenacious defender, who causes turnovers and picks up tough ground balls, Binney applies pressure to would-be dodgers.  Once he is moving in transition, good things happen.  With the ability to distribute on the break or bring it on the run, Binney is righty lefty all day.  As a dodger and carrier on the offensive side of the field, Binney forces teams to slide and gets to tough places on the field.  He is always a threat.  From a decision-making standpoint, Binney understands what to do and when.  As a freshman quarterback at The Woodlands, Binney is accustomed to analyzing defenses and being smart with the ball.  He will definitely figure into the Highlanders equation as they look to rebuild in 2015.

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