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StickStar Recruiting Radar 1.5

02/03/2015, 10:45am CST
By Editor

Nathan, '16; Crow, '16; Vaughn, '17; Policke, '18


Jake Nathan (2016 – Attack – Westlake)

If you haven’t seen Jake Nathan play, it’s hard to appreciate how good he really is.  Very few players enjoy contact or carrying with pressure, two aspects of the game Jake thrives on - leaning on opposing defensemen with his rather large frame and taking the fight to them.  Once he establishes contact, he has a variety of ways to get his shot off as he is quite adept at finishing the rock in a variety of ways.  While Jake is certainly large, another equally impressive attribute is his footwork which allows him to take advantage of defenders and get to favorable spots on the field.  He’s good and will rip it up at Westlake this season.

Walker Crow (2016 – Midfield – Memorial)

Undoubtedly, Walker Crow is one of the tougher covers in the entire State.  A player who can beat his man on impact, get his hands free, and finish with consistency Crow is dynamic, to say the least.  One of the best highlights in his clip starts at the 42 second mark.  In it, he evades a Georgetown Prep double team, gets underneath, freezes a defender with a box fake, carries across the face of the goal, moving the goalie, and then finishes.  That’s a highlight.  You’ll also see plenty of defenders get “crowed” or simply fall over.  Can’t teach that. 

Jake Vaughn with the Game-Tying Bucket.

Jake Vaughn (2017 – Attack – St. Marks)

Jake Vaughn made his way onto the scene in 2014 logging quality minutes for St. Mark's as a freshman.  His most memorable play was a goal that looked to push the St. Mark's vs. Southlake, play-in game into the overtime period.  Since that moment, Vaughn has continued to improve and made the transition to attack.  Vaughn can finish anyway necessary.  He’s wirey and slippery in the sense that he finds himself getting to great spots on the field with tons of quality defenders draped all over him.  He’ll have to play a big role in the St. Mark's offense this year and helps provide a great 1-2 combination with Jack Fojtasek. 

Luke Policke (2018 – Midfield – Cedar Park)

In the Central District, freshman midfielder, Luke Policke, will get buckets early and often.  A time and room shooter with a heavy shot, Policke has an absolute cannon.  In several highlights, you will see him re-dodge nicely to get back to his dominant, right hand.  He’s a smart player who finds open space, and can finish in a variety of ways.  In his clip, you will see him beat goalies low to low, with power from deep, and by throwing his hands and moving the keeper.  If he continues to round out his game, he will be one of the more dominant threats at the midfield in the ATX that we have seen in some time.  He is a pure shooter and will add value to Cedar Park from the gitgo.

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