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Recruiting Radar 1.6

02/26/2015, 9:30am CST
By Editor

Brown, '16; Stoebner, '18; Munck, '16; Jones, '18

Andrew Brown carrying against Vandegrift.

Andrew Brown (2016 – Attack – Plano West)

For the Plano West Wolves, Andrew Brown will provide a level-headed and consistent offensive outlet down at attack in 2015.  He is a skilled attackman who can carry with pressure, who can finish a variety of ways, and who can distribute when his teammates are open.  One of his more impressive characteristics is his ability to get a shot off immediately out of a move.  Whether it’s a simple split or shooting out of a drop-step or roll, he needs very little time to get his hands set to pull the trigger.  Brown has worked on his explosiveness and can get a step on defenders consistently.  He is crafty and uses his fakes well around the goal to set up other offensive players or to create passing lanes.  Brown is a quality attackman and will be very good for the Wolfpack.

Jacob Stoebner (2018 – Defense – Westlake)

While just a freshman, Jacob Stoebner made Varsity this year in the best program in Austin.  Stoebner looks the part as he is absolutely massive in terms of overall frame and stature.  On the field, his play is tenacious and physical as he is not scared to mix it up when on ball or on ground balls.  College coaches enjoy physical defensemen from Texas, and Stoebner may fit right in one day.  When the ball is on the ground, his length allows him to swoop right in and claim first-time ground balls.  His ranginess allows him to get out in front of most, would-be, riding attackmen where he is fully capable of pushing transition.  As he is still a 2018, plenty of room for growth and improvement exists, but, overall, Stoebner looks the part and will be a significant contributor for the Westlake Chaps' defensive equation sooner rather than later. 

Garrett Munck (2016 – Attack/Midfield – Jesuit)

Garrett Munck enters his junior year for the Rangers and is a quality offensive option both up top and down low.  In terms of strengths, Munck has the ability to carry with pressure and turn the corner consistently.  In his highlight film, he does this over and over again.  This is not an easy skill, but he gets his shot off consistently.  Even if he only gets half a step, that is all he needs to secure some up-field angle and finish.  While he prefers this method of scoring, he can definitely finish with time and room over hand and has several release points which makes it tough for opposing goalies.  While he does get a step on his defenseman consistently he usually has his head up looking to distribute and, eventually, finds the open man.  Munck is also able to make physical plays on loose balls and in the riding game.  He is a multi-faceted athlete and will do a great job for Jesuit this year. 

John Stephen Jones (2018 – Midfield – Highland Park)

One of the more tenacious and athletic mids on the defensive side of the ball in the State is definitely John Stephen Jones.  The kid is a tremendous athlete and applies pressure all over the field.  On ground balls, he physically intimidates opposing offensive players as he looks for contact when the ball is loose.  A lot of times, teams initiate on short sticks.  Please understand, he is NOT the match-up.  He is going to harass you by turning up the intensity, and, in all likelihood, he is going to get that ball.  Offensively, he is righty dominant but can create in transition after he puts the ball on the ground.  If he is open, he can shoot the ball on the run with velocity.  In addition, he is fully capable of pushing the two on one in unsettled situations.  He will definitely play a large role in HP D2’s season.    

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