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The StickStar Experience: Looking the Part.

08/17/2016, 9:30am CDT
By Editor

Gear Game on lock down.

StickStar Teams always look the part.  There are few teams that outclass us when it comes to the gear game.  StickStar manufactures its own gear or brings in the heavy hitters when a garment we cannot create is involved.  With a wide assortment of striking lids, everyone knows when Texas United and Dallas Select are competing. 

There is a reason for everything we do, and that includes the gear.  The initial color scheme came from the Dallas flag - a combination of carolina, navy, and white.  The khaki comes from our desire to keep it strictly business when we compete.  Obviously, we draw from local uniforms to add a little flavor.  For Texas United, we draw upon the State for uniform inspiration.  We have all kinds of top notch looks on deck and are excited to roll them out.  We look great and compete at a high level!  LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD, PLAY GOOD. #OhMyGear.  Some of our best kits can be seen below.  We hope you enjoy them.  Another kit is just around the corner!

All of our custom Cascade helmets.

DSelect 2016 kit.

Texas United YR 3 Kit.

DSelect 2016 Mavs Kit.

Want some DSelect & Texas United Gear, Shop Here.

Texas United YR 2 Kit.

Texas United YR 5 Kit.

Texas United YR 4 Kit.

DSelect YR6 2nd Kit.

Texas United YR 3 Kit.

DSelect YR 7 2nd Kit.

Texas United YR 4 Kit.

DSelect YR6 Kit.

Texas Box Lacrosse YR 1.

Texas United YR 1 Kit.

DSelect YR 1 Kit.

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