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The StickStar Experience: Lasting Friendships

08/20/2016, 11:30am CDT
By Editor

Bringing players from across the Metroplex, across the Great State, and, now, the Country, together.

2 Kids from Cali, one from Maine. #Cookbook

Lasting Friendships
The word UNITED is strong and important for our program.  Initially, StickStar brought together players from different schools across Dallas. Then, we moved on to bringing together players from across the State.  Most recently, we have been bringing together players from across the country! Not only do players improve, but they also form lasting relationships for years to come.  Being UNITED takes team-building to an entirely different level.  We are very proud of our players, the journey that they embark on, and how they remain a fixture in each other's lives and our programs. UNITED is not just a catchy slogan.  It is real and something we truly believe in as can be seen in the pictures below. 

Friendships being made from Dallas and Austin.

Everyone hanging out. Team Building.


When in Maryland, you eat Crab.

Andre Iguodala, what's up?

Kicking it at ND.


Members of our initial Texas United youth teams.

CrimTerns. Worked hard on the field, worked hard supporting the program.

34 marshmellows. A record.


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