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#RecruitingRadar: Austin Widner (2019) Frisco

09/13/2016, 11:00am CDT
By Editor

Austin Widner (2019) Frisco - Defensemen

Frisco's Austin Widner is an extremely intelligent defenseman that possesses the skill set, grit, work ethic, and confidence to compete at a very high level.

Widner is a two-sport athlete that wrestles in addition to playing lacrosse. With wrestling comes a competitive edge, discipline,  and understanding of leverage that benefits Austin's game greatly. When he lines up against an opposing attack man it's personal and he wants to win that match-up at every opportunity. 

As previously mentioned, he's a cerebral defenseman that makes plays. On ball, his technique is solid and varied. While his game is not flashy, he understands how to throw timely checks to put the ball on the ground and how to play angles to take topside and create quality double-team opportunities for his team mates. 

Off ball and in help position is where Widner's understanding really shows. He is alway ready to help, stays sideways to the ball, is on time for slide responsibilities, gets his stick on loads of passes, and is constantly communicating at a high level. He runs the show. When adjacent to the ball he anticipates the next pass, his approach is under control while the ball is in the air, and applies pressure to the hands as the ball arrives. 

Widner is an asset in the clearing game as well. His ability to gobble up ground balls and escape pressure with his athleticism or fakes is impressive for a player his age and he remains calm, cool, and collected with the ball in his stick. Additionally, Widner possesses the speed to cover ground between the boxes, create transition, and make the right play in unsettled offense.

Widner is entering his sophomore campaign and his ceiling is really tall. This defenseman from Frisco has tons of upside and the mindset and work ethic to continue to improve in all facets of his game. We're excited to see him progress as he moves through the high school ranks.  

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