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StickStar Select Summer Travel 2017 (updated March 29th)

01/03/2017, 10:45am CST
By Editor

DSelect turns 10. 10 years of Khaki Culture. #PRECEDENT

Year 10 Coming in Hot.

As the longest running, select program in the State, we take pride in our consistency over time.  Over 10 years, we have established a precedent of quality squads and execution on the road.  In 14 years, our StickStar Select teams have put together an unbelievable record of 395 – 168, rocking out at 70% win percentage!  In the same period, we have made it to 25 travel tourney Championship games winning 13 titles.

In addition to the success in terms of wins and losses, we have had more players matriculate than any other program.  Our 2017 Class has 25 NCAA commits with 19 of them heading to play D1.  Last summer's squads were comprised of players from 40 different programs across the State - a United Front.  StickStar’s Travel Teams provide a unique experience different than every other program.  For more information on the StickStar Experience, click here!

2019's with the 3Pete. UnPrecedented.

While every year is important, Year X is quite a milestone.  As Dallas Select is based out of the DTX, this summer we’re going to throw up the X. A lot.  As we have often said before, it is fun to have fun!  While this summer’s schedule is not 100% ironed out in terms of practice times, most the main weekends are below. 

June 3 - 4: NXT Wild Card 17 - DTX 
(for players going into 6th, 7th, and 8th grade in Fall 2017; going into 5th, by invitation only)***
June 7-9:  StickStar Summer Seminar (possibly to follow 3 Strong Lacrosse Camp);
June 9:  8th Annual StickStar Showcase 
June 10 - 11: Texas Draw - DTX
(for players going into 9th - 12th grade in Fall 2017)

June 16 – 18: Baltimore Summer Kickoff (2019s)
June 19 – 21: Inside Lacrosse Invitational
(2020s, 2019s, 2018s)
June 22 – 24: King of the Hill
(2020s, 2019s, 2018s)

July 14 – 16: Adrenaline Midwest Shootout
(2023s, 2022s, 2021s, 2020s, 2019s, 2018s)***

July 21 – 23: Denver Battle in the Box
(2024s, 2023s, 2022s, 2021s)***  

July 26 – 29: UNC Team Tournament
(2020s, 2019s, 2018s)

August 5 – 6: Box Nationals (2024s, 2023s, 2022s, 2021s, 2020s, 2019s, 2018s)***

***Denotes Youth Competition Weekends

Execution does not just happen.  It is a function of training.  StickStar will have a variety of training opportunities throughout the coming months so please stay tuned to our Training Page.  While there will be plenty opportunities offered, the key weekends include the Spring Break Bookends and the State Championship Seminar.  This is where students of the game can get their dose of our Component-Based, Instructional Methodology.  The first youth training opportunity will be over the Martin Luther King Day weekend.  In addition, we will release our #StickStarHabits clips to demonstrate the skills most commonly displayed and learned through our program!

StickStar and Dallas Select are pumped to turn 10.  Let's go!

Contact Us
If you are interested in the Dallas Select or Texas United Select Team Program, please contact:
Anthony Crimmins (Program Director) –;
Kyle Saunders (ATX Director of Ops) –; or
Helen Crimmins (Team Manager) –

2017s - The Denver Team Challenge Champs.

For the 2016 Recap, Click Here.

Khakis Year 10. Throw Up The X.

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