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Texas All Star Round Up 2018 GAME Roster Release.

05/19/2017, 11:45am CDT
By Editor

Tons of talent running around with the 2018s.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the State Championships have come and gone, but we are extending the season by one more week.  The Texas All Star Round Up, the State’s true All Star game is on deck this Saturday, May 20th at SMU’s Crum Lacrosse and Sports Field.

2018 DETAILS:  5PM – 6PM  Warm Up     
                           6PM – 8PM  2018 ALL STAR GAME

STREAMING:  Of course, this game will be brought to you by the greatness that is StickStar Productions.  It will be on our Youtube Channel -  Please, subscribe!

Key Facts:  These games will feature players from 31 different HS teams representing HTX, DTX, ATX, FWTX, and SATX.  There will be 56 current NCAA commits between the two games heading to 39 (plus Utah =s 40) different programs.

Last year's games were unbelievably entertaining, and we are willing to bet this year will follow suit.  When you look at the rosters, you have to ask yourself which of the four is the best. Honestly, I have no clue!

StickStar 2017 Player of the Year wins this beauty!

Between the two games, you will see see 42 All State Players, 21 All District, and 10 Honorable Mention, while 10 of 16 All Americans will be also in attendance.  Finally, from a coaching standpoint, you will have the N. District Coach of the Year, one of the Persons of the Year, the N. District Asst Coach of the Year, the Lone Star Alliance Coach of the Year, last year's Lone Star Alliance Coach of the Year, the 2016 StickStar Player of the Year, and more!

Please, help us spread the word by re-tweeting and making sure that your programs are aware of this event!  Let’s get 100 RETWEETS!  Email your program directors and have them get the word out.  Admission is $5, free for players in Grades 6 and under!  (We would love to see lots of young players out there at SMU!)

Without further delay, StickStar Lacrosse proudly presents the 2017 Game Rosters!  Who is going to win this one is totally up for grabs....

In between games, we will present the 7th Annual StickStar Player of the Year award.  It is a Championship Belt, and it is totally awesome!  StickStar.  We make Texas Lacrosse even more enjoyable because, as we tend to say, it is fun to have fun!

Click Here to get to the Production. You can watch all the Final 4 action while you wait!


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