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Getting to know the 2017s.

05/20/2017, 9:30am CDT
By Editor

Things you may or may not know. A little bit of Flavor.

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Texas All Star Round Up:  Getting to know the 2017s

2017 Red
0 – Dixon Smith – One of the more underrated shut down defenseman of 2017.  Does his job, keeps his mouth shut, and wins championships.

1 – Daniel Burnum – Skilled, creative, dynamic, and has pretty solid tilt.  Righty, lefty, shifty, buckets.

2 – Brent Bishop – Woah, toe drags, dangles, and all the fakes.  That sounds good, I’ll have that.

3 – Cale Dow – Tough player who will finish with contact, get tough GB’s, and get to rack.  Not scared to get into the paint.

4 – Luke Millican – Doesn’t like goals.  Really doesn’t like 2nd half goals.  Not sure if it’s ice in his veins or he just doesn’t like goals.

5 – Carson Newman – Only player I’ve ever seen go take the ball out of another goal and raise it in the air.  Needless to say, he dabbles in competition.

6 – Christian Reil – Best player out of San Antonio in 2017, that’s good.

7 – Case Lowry – Passtimes include throwing alley oops off of Face Offs to Luke Rogers on wings.

8 – Shawn Tran – What can you honestly say about Shawn Tran other than he is the technically perfect lacrosse player.  Field General, HUGE SMILE, and master of the wind up.

9 – Dylan Hampel – Quality goal scorer out of Frisco who simply gets it done.

11 – Nick Arvin – Useful handles on all sides of the field.  Bursts of speed create transition, and can definitely finish the ball.

13 – Cody Foster – TANK.  A BIG TANK that will run right through you on the way to scoring all the goals.

14 – Owen Seebold – Used to be little, now he’s huge.  Only attackman ever to come out of Texas and go to the UA All American Game, WOW!

20 – Chris Walker – Enjoys throwing the kitchen sink at opponents, it’s his best check.  Run for your life, he wants that ball.

21 – Ethan Gant – Kid is pretty much a deer.  Long limbs, great box fake, maybe a little toe drag, not sure if we have enough time, maybe Bed Bath and Beyond next.

22 – Jacob Williams – Well dressed kid, who’s competition gear is all the way up.  Will push transition ground balls at prom tonight, bet.

23 – Harrison Essex – Hair good enough for the Minnesota Hockey All Hair team.  Also looks to score, and might be wearing a short sleeve button up underneath his pads.

31 – Nehemiah McGowan – Kids fast, like the wind.  Ground ball, see ya, all the way up the field.  Some get this kids 40 time.

32 – Joey Ceshker – KID IS THE MAN!  Jo will score you the goals you need and I’m not sure he’s ever gotten tired.  Pretty sure he’ll be the only player altitude has never effected.

33 – Parker Alexander – Owns the land in between the restraining lines.  Has won State Championships in both Football and Lacrosse, how many people have done that.

41 – Brody Lowry – Lefty, contact, wind up, get to the middle, throw hands, rinse, lather, repeat.  Also, a killer smile.  Won the State Championship and is going to Disney World.

77 – Kyle Massimilian – I think this is a great spot to say it is a MASSIVE JOKE THIS KID WASN’T ALL AMERICAN.  WHAT ARE WE EVEN TALKING ABOUT.  Figure it out.

89 – Wyatt Morgan – Hope Wyatt was able to get that Baseball Bat from the other Colleyville Goalie.  Hope that’s a Colleyville Goalie thing, excited to talk to him about it.  2016 D2 MVP of the State Championship.

2017 White
0 – Brandon Baty – Shifty, very shifty.  Absurd handles, heads always up, an amazing X attackman who doesn’t want to break your ankles, but will do it if he has to.

1 – Jon Robbins – Not a sarcastic kid, you know what I mean?  Elite footwork, take away defenseman, who walks by people and scores goals.

2 – Cole Watson – Big, lefty, Cannon.  Has a lot of dangle in his game and scores big buckets.

3 – Casey Wasserman – Shutdown Corner.  State Champ.  All Around Great Person.  Excellent distributor.  Younger Brother to Bryce, older brother to Drew.

4 – Luke Fisher – He’s never been afraid of two things: 1) a Low to High shot he didn’t want to take, 2) a celly he couldn’t handle.  A sportsman 98% of the time, but certainly a showman.

7 – Christian Viracola – Ya Cola. Hard worker and an excellent player.  If we had more Christian Viracolas in the world, it would be a better place.  The kid you want to show up to pick up your daughter up for a date.

8 – Andrew Beasley – Don’t underestimate his sneakiness, kid has a nose for the goal.  Scores tough goals and is an all around winner.

9 – Jake Vaughn – Kid loves to score, and ride, and assist, and make every most difficult play there is to make.  He also gets very fired up.  100% Hustle, always.

11 – Paxton Marks – Potentially the best first time ground ball man in the history of the state of Texas.  Believe there is a vacuum attached to the end of his stick.  The one and only Finess Lord?  Did I spell it right?

12 – Gunnar Luckoski – Game Over Gunner.  Enjoys making massive saves and then just launching it down field.  Kid makes tough saves and was absolutely dominant this year.

13 – Nakeie Montgomery – Happy to know this exceptional human.  Going to play football and lacrosse at Duke, who even does that any more.  Nak does.  He will also crush it in the classroom.  Huge fan of the Flat Top he’s worked into the rotation.

14 – Grant Murphy – Grant Murphy enjoys tiger tank tops, naps, and jams.  Only player I’ve ever seen use the header to create space on a loose ball.  Heart rate is always at even keel, even at the most critical moments.

15 – Ryan Darby – Curliest hair you’ve ever seen.  Under those curls is someone who makes unbelievable saves.  Also, has an absolute cannon so could be a man up specialist.  Kid saves the ball.

20 – Alex Eubank – Rangy long stick who covers ground and makes tons of plays.  A great season as a senior for the Frisco Black Bears.

22 – Luke Rogers – A player who makes running by everyone down the field pretty effortless.  An excellent scorer and crucial player for St. Marks in 2017.

23 – Ben Goyne – Huge frame.  Massive wingspan.  Very fast, and scored a lot in his final season as a Cowboy.  Kids really big.

31 – Ryan Haefling – A time and room shooter who if he gets his hands free can absolutely blast it.  Has to be getting close to Triple digits on the Radar gun.

32 – Trey Wiederecht – Was a great player for the Rangers in his senior year.  Very skilled, very smart, great finisher.  Went bonkers against Westlake in the Super Regionals.

34 – Ripken Reynolds – Excellent at the FO X, who can also score, and play great defense.  Not just a FOGO, kid can stay on and play at a high level.

41 – George Elmquist – The EXPOSER.  Say it with me, the EXPOSER.  What we mean is that he will EXPOSE YOU.  He’s taking the ball, would probably give it back to you because he’s such a great guy, only to take it back from you because…EXPOSER.

55 – Tanner Heinchon – This kid.  Face Off animal.  Can win the draw a lot of ways and will absolutely out compete you for it.  Kid COMPETES!

77 – Jacob Tatum – Jacob Tatum has the ability to score from a lot of different angles, and a lot of different ways.  He is a shooter and shooters score.  He’s got a ton of different ways to do it.

Your 2017 All Stars.

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