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Getting to know the 2018s.

05/20/2017, 9:30am CDT
By Editor

Things you may or may not know. A little bit of Flavor.

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2018 Red

0 – Rob Soluri – Great goalie for the Chaps in 2017.  A great piece to build off of in 2018 as the Chaps push towards a State Title Run.

1 – Ryan Crouch – Will chew on your arms.  Not with his teeth, with his long stick.  Nice kid, but will inflict pain. 

2 – Connor Jamail – Jamail is a big, strong, fast, Texas kid.  Kid makes plays all over the place and is a tough cover.  I mean, literally, he’s a tank.

3 – Coston Pendleton – Lefty shooter.  You know he’s going left, he knows he’s going left, and then….he goes left.  Once he gets there, pick it up and put it at the FO X. 

4 – Alex Rose – Alex Rose is a great two way midfielder.  Does a great job in between the lines and is just a prototype two way mid.  Kids good at it.

5 – Chase Toledo – This kid is strong.  Strong enough to pick up a car, a ground ball, a two slide.  Whatever you need.  STRENGTH is something he brings to the field all the time.

7 – Sean Mowatt-Larssen – Explosive and Thick.  Very skilled goal scorer who explodes to the middle of the field.

8 – Gabe Reno – Pretty cool customer.  A sharp shooter with excellent ability.  Natural goal scorer from any offensive position.

9 – Jack Tabor – A swiss army knife.  Great defense, check.  Face Off, check.  Score goals, check.  He gets the job done, whatever you ask of him.  Really impressive.

11 – John Gunnin – Fundamentally sound player who takes buckets off the board.  Makes the ones he’s supposed to and the most of the ones he shouldn’t. 

12 – Elliot Nelson – A smooth righty and lefty who gets to the rack and can score with style.  A potent finisher who can also carry and distribute.  Tons of flavor with this guy.

13 – Aidan Johnston – Johnston is a very tough cover and not someone you’re thrilled about drawing.  He has wing span, footwork, and excellent stick work.  Kid is Rangy and consumes opposing offensive players. 

14 – Peyton Jefferson – Will likely have the best hair of the 2018 game.  Will also likely rip your arms off, with very hard checks.  Also enjoys the occasional goal. 

21 – Luke Policke – Policke is a missile launcher attached to a human.  Righty, lefty heat rocks coming at you if you’re an opposing goalie.  Literally shoots lasers, it's unbelievable.

22 – Sam Schroeder – Lefty with wiggle, and tons of velocity.  Shifty player who is a proven, and polished goal scorer.

23 – Paxton Alexander – A great athlete, with plenty of gitty up and the ability to make huge plays.  Moves quickly, finishes, and not scared of the moment. 

32 – Will Stern – All the range, all the time.  Quality on field demeanor, not looking to necessarily make friends.  Big, long, and will harass you.

33 – Brandon Meaux – This player was incredible in 2017.  Righty, lefty, getting topside, all the time, and scoring.  Great first step.  You people had enough?  Give me some Meaux.

34 – Grayson Hassell – Downhill dodger with a great shot on the run.  Celly, hand up in the sky.  Workhorse in between the lines, legs feed the wolf.

41 – Jacob Stoebner – Stoebner is a surgeon.  His reach is infinite, and you can’t really ever get a way from him.  He consumes ground, and is always in excellent body position.

55 – Nathan Drickamer – Drick is excellent at the FO X.  Big, strong, and dynamic, excited to see him go against many of the best today.

2018 White

1 – Trey Froehlich – Very few people know about Trey Froehlich, but he has the ability to make any play you need on offense or on defense.  Very athletic, not a fan of gluten.

2 – Christian Starcke – Zero chance this player has gotten a hair cut.  Technically perfect down low but the best at time approaches and being on time to lazy passes when teams are “getting it around”.  The best at that skill, ever.

3 – Patrick Skalniak – Rick gets fired up.  He shoots the ball incredibly hard with his left hand, and sometimes you’re not sure how he did it.  Ball is humming.  Wants the ball, wants to score, scores a ton.

4 – Carver Skarnulis – The Wolfman.  Enjoys shut outs, the casual dime in the outlet, and wielding his stick skills whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Unbelievably skilled tendy.

5 – Tyler Pellegrino – Pellegrino is one of the 3 All State Lake Travis Attackmen.  A pretty big ball carrier who distributes well and makes his teammates better.

6 – Jackson Rose – Rose scores goals.  A move in from Colorado and you can tell.  Kid finishes the rock.  Lots of finishes.

7 – Keaton Jones – Ridiculously fast player.  One of those kids where you honestly wonder, how it’s even possible to run that fast.  Kid is moving and does a great job in between the lines.

8 – Reese Walker – Walker is a talented goal scorer for Coppell.  He’s dominant and will be huge for the Cowboys in 2018. 

9 – Cooper Kneese – Great finisher around the goal.  Uses his body well and has great touch inside.  Tremendous competitor, tons of fire.

11 – Cade Saustad – Cade Saustad was made in a factory.  A factory where they create incredible defensemen.  I think he’s also a wide receiver?!?!?!  Which means he’s a skilled player.  Kid is WAY GOOD.

13 – Luke Johnson – First Fort Worth Player to make the ASG.  A move in from Florida, Johnson looks the part.  Pumped to have him out there.

14 – Mason Marano – Mason is strong and plays a million minutes a game.  Not scared of the back wrap when he’s tired, but he earns it because he plays a million minutes a game.  Not sure how he does that.  Kid scores a lot in those million minutes.

21 – Jack Barnett – Strong shooter for the Wildcats.  Was very successful in his junior year. 

22 – Tiernan Schindel – Great lefty out of the ATX.  Great attackman with the ability to do everything well.  Dodge, feed, score, make all the right plays.  Kids got game.

23 – Kyle Kooda – Country Strong.  Can throw hay bales for days.  Also will rip your arms off.  Casual in the clear, has great handles. 

31 – Jacob Farquhar – Technically sound player who can limit opposing players.  Played for the N. District Coach of the Year, Coach Farabee.

32 – Garrett Mize – Mize is the best player in the state at using the high step.  Potentially the only, but people should legitimately try and take that from him.  Righty, lefty, above the cage, behind.  He’s going to get a step, wait for it.

33 – Seamus McFarland – Strong mid, with lateral quickness, fakes, and can bring it.  He’s going to get his hand free, when he does, he’s going to shoot or get to the next level.  He’s also I believe, Irish, which I believe translates into, the Best.  Pretty neat.

34 – Michael Miocic – Really strong drawman for the Panthers.  Helped them make it back to the Final 4 for the 3rd straight year. 

41 – Prescott King – One of the most energetic goalies out there.  Kid doesn’t give up an inch to anyone.  His team feeds off of his energy, he’s electric.  He also is well deserving of wearing #41, and appreciates it. 

55 – Ryan Thompson – Enjoys collision.  Also a little known fact is that when he yells too much and loses his voice, he actually has the best Batman voice of all time.  Incredible.

77 – Hayden Scherr – Danglesauras.  Ground balls get gobbled up by this long armed long stick.  Uses his fakes to get to the goal, and scores a ton.

Your 2018 Texas All Stars.

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