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StickStar Affiliate Announcement: Houston Hounds Lacrosse

06/29/2017, 1:30pm CDT
By Editor

StickStar is heading towards the coast! South Houston! Let's Go!

StickStar Lacrosse is happy to announce another affiliate under its umbrella - the Houston Hounds, based out of South Houston.  The Hounds are the 8th program joining our affiliate fold, and we could not be more excited.  Many parents and players across the State have sought out instruction from StickStar as our Component-Based Instructional Methodology has yielded consistent results to develop talent over time.  StickStar has remained on the cutting edge of skill-based improvement and development in the State for over 13 years!

“There is a ton of talent playing lacrosse in South Houston.  Michael Cox has done a great job growing the Hounds program judiciously, and for the right reasons.  We are pumped to train them up, and look forward to getting to the field soon.  Furthermore, a couple of players we've coached in the past, the Harveys also play an active roll with the club, which is great for everyone! ”  Anthony Crimmins (Owner / Operator)

“We feel aligning with StickStar will take our program to the next level and provide our players with the best possible training.” Michael Cox (Program Director)

SEMINAR TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES:  To begin, StickStar will provide seminar-training opportunities for the players of the Houston Hounds program this fall.  StickStar’s component-based methodology has proven consistent and applicable to players from any area.  StickStar’s belief is that, at the end of the day, if a player trains with StickStar consistently, they will be the best possible version of the player they can be.  The ability to transfer skill to players who train consistently is well-documented. 

COACHES' TRAINING:  Each seminar will incorporate a coaches' training session to help with the Hounds instructors with continued education. StickStar will not install offenses or defenses but will provide drills and a framework which will lend itself to any system of execution a coach prefers.

StickStar Coaches will provide the framework for the training opportunities while coaches from the Hounds program work to familiarize themselves with our system of improvement.  StickStar’s component-based approach towards development acts as a universal donor for every style of play or program!

Offering the Hounds seminar opportunities, coaches' development, and a training manual, StickStar will serve as a resource in this relationship!  We are very excited and look forward to getting started with another talented program.

StickStar's fall training schedule is going to be busy.  With tons of affiliate seminars across the state and consistent practice in Dallas, opportunities to improve will abound!  Stay tuned for more announcements in the near future as we look forward to an exciting rest of the summer!

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