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Texas United Fall 2017 Details

08/02/2017, 11:30pm CDT
By Editor

Tryouts, Youth Squads, Practice, Program Players, and more!

We just completed Dallas Select Year 10 and are truly grateful for everyone who has ever put on a pair of khaki shorts and all the parents who allowed them to do it!  As the longest running select program in the State, we are excited to keep learning and improving.  That commences this fall with Texas United Fall 2017.  Below, you will see lots of information.  Work through it in waves.  First wave - YOUTH TRYOUTS!

The following quote will set the tone for Fall 2017:  “We do not rise to the level of our expectations.  We fall to the level of our training!” Archilochus, Greek Soldier and Poet, 650 BC



TRYOUTS FOR 2021s, 2022s, 2023s, 2024s!

For the first time ever, we will hold tryouts in Dallas (Aug. 12th @ SMU) & Houston (Aug. 26th & 27th @ ABSP).  Players in Austin, Dallas, Houston, or elsewhere are welcome to attend whichever tryout suits their needs best.  Please click here for our very detailed tryouts article.  Most your questions will be answered there.  

If you cannot attend either tryout, please, sign up regardless to demonstrate your interest.  We will see you at our make-up dates which will occur during the first two DALLAS PRACTICE opportunities, September 2nd & 9th, @ Greenhill.  

22s - 24s Schedule

September & October – Weekly Dallas Practice & Training
The initial schedule for these age groups will consist of training during the months of September & October.  Whether it’s affiliate seminars or our weekly practice, we will step up our training efforts across the State.

November & December – Compete Locally
The teams will start to compete locally at the LoneStar Shootout in November & the Bitter Tourney in December.  If there is bandwidth, we may explore the Cowboy Cup as well.

January & February – Travel & BOX
Everything will build toward our travel opportunity out to San Diego to play in the Adrenaline Challenge the first weekend of January (6th & 7th).  It’s pretty amazing out in San Diego that time of year.  In January 2017, we stepped off the plane in 70 degree weather, while a blanket of snow covered Dallas. 

Finally, we will field teams to play in our inaugural Box Tourney over the MLK Weekend (Jan. 13th - 15th).  Then, we will finish everything up with travel to the Resolute Midwest Classic (Feb. 17th & 18th) in Columbus, OH.


As mentioned above, we will have weekly practice at Greenhill every Saturday from 900AM – 1045AM starting September 2nd through October 28th for all of our players.  All grades and ages will train at that time.  The only weekend off will be October 14th for ACL & the Red River Showdown (UT vs. OU).

In addition, we will have affiliate training all over the State.  If you would like to attend an affiliate seminar (format is the same as any of our seminars), you are welcome to register for any of them.  Countless hours of opportunities to improve exist, so make the most of them.  We will have those registrations links up promptly.


We are still working on finalizing our fall travel opportunities. They will occur the first two weekends of November.  We are considering at the Adrenaline Fall Invitational, Autumn Gold, and the Inside Lacrosse Invitational.  We will send out our initial fall HS email in the coming weeks.  We hope everyone will attend practice.  We would like our high school players to compete locally at the LoneStar Shootout & Bitter Tourney, as well.  2021s will have the ability to compete at the Adernaline Challenge the first weekend in January in San Diego to defend our title!  Click here to watch our Championship Highlight!

Winter Combine - Dec. 21st, 22nd, 23rd - YEAR 5!!!!
The 5th Annual Winter Combine will once again take place down in Houston.  In year 5, we will continue to build upon the high level of instruction that our Combine has become known for.  In order to accomplish this, we have put together what might be the best Winter Combine staff to date.  An immersive and intensive developmental opportunity allows players to work on their game with top-notch teachers, train against excellent competition, and, ultimately, utilize what they have been taught during our 7s tournament.  Students of the Game wanted!  Seminar and Combine Registrations coming soon.

The StickStar Program Player

In the Fall of 2017, we will introduce what we are calling the StickStar Program Player.  Many of the players who associate with StickStar train with us consistently, and are constant fixtures on Texas United or Dallas Select sidelines.  Our players simply look a little different from a skill & understanding standpoint.  It’s a look that college coaches enjoy and appreciate. 

Starting in Fall 2017, StickStar players will have a one time registration fee that covers a helmet, a StickStar kit, and a lifetime of StickStar Program Player Pricing at all of our seminars.  Your kit (helmet and practice set) are your lifetime Season Pass.  Do not lose them, and you must wear them.  We have done our best to not force our members to buy helmets, but, at this point and after ten years of DSelect & fourteen years of traveling teams, we are settling into a program helmet.  We will be outfitting all of our players with the newest STX Helmet this fall.  They will be khaki.  We have been told that our Khaki Stallion was the best Stallion ever designed.  Therefore, the newest STX helmet will likely look even better.  We are sold on the STX Helmet from a safety standpoint and will break that down later.  We have provided helmets for 10 years, but the time has come to put everyone in Khaki ones!  First year players will not be asked to buy helmets, especially at the youth level, but we encourage you to do so.  Traveling HS players will need to have a helmet.  To that effect, we are working diligently on keeping the price down!

Fall 2017 is an exciting time for StickStar.  Not only are we busy at the field, but we have just set up shop at our new office.  Big things are coming!  Stay dialed in to StickStar on Twitter & Instagram @StickStarLax and on Facebook.  We are growing judiciously and look forward to including you in our growth!  REGISTER FOR OUR TRYOUTS BELOW!  #GOLOPES

DALLAS August 12th (Evaluations ONLY!)

WHERE - SMU's Crum Field - $25
WHEN - Saturday August 12th (10AM – 1230PM)
Evaluations for Graduation Yrs. 21 – 24

HOUSTON August 26th - 27th (Seminar for all & Evaluations)

WHERE - Alden Bridge Sports Park - $75
WHEN: Sat. 9AM – Noon, Sat. 5PM – 8PM, Sun. 930AM – Noon

Sean McCanna from Year 1. Now we are in Year 7. Kids are different but the jersey remains the same! #GoLopes

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