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The StickStar Republic

08/16/2017, 11:00am CDT
By Editor

A tremendous group of programs working on growing the game responsibly!

The StickStar Republic:  In the last couple of years, programs from across the State have started to enter into mutually beneficial relationships with StickStar.  We call these relationships Affiliations, and they are built on value for both sides of the equation.  StickStar’s main goal has been to work with our affiliates and provide them with training utilizing our Component-Based, Instructional Methodology.  In addition, we work with our affiliate programs' coaching staffs to further their development.  Everything is a function of development with StickStar, naturally, that comprises the cornerstone of our affiliate program.  The StickStar affiliations first started with Team North Texas and were followed by the Texas United FireAntz out of Houston.  Since then, we have added several programs including Texas Box Lacrosse, The HYLAX Hornets, HTX BOX LAX, Mission Lacrosse (San Antonio), Legacy (Houston), the ATX Jammers, Titan Lacrosse (Oklahoma), and the Houston Hounds. 

Essentially, putting together this quality group has allowed us to create a league.  However, this league does not revolve around the premise that we play once a week but on the premise that consistent training with teams similar in scope will continue to improve the level of lacrosse in the State of Texas, overall.  This league of teams will be known as the StickStar Republic.  The StickStar Republic allows for our affiliates to band together in a variety of ways.  In the weeks that follow, we will have some pretty interesting announcements on our first steps as the Republic moving forward, and we are pumped!  Needless to say, if your program would  like to be a member of the Republic, shoot us a note!

StickStar Republic BOX TOURNEY:  Our first step as a Republic will be to band together for the State’s first Youth Box Tourney. As everything is a function of training, our first step together will be routed in development.  We want to create an atmosphere where the concepts we collectively stress in training can be utilized in competition.  Also paired with our BOX Tourney will be a BOX Seminar for our Players and a Coaches' Clinic for those attending!  Although this tournament will have openings for non-Republic teams, they will be limited.  Please, let us know if you would be interested in having your youth teams compete in the State's first, YOUTH Box Tourney!

A map of our Republic is below.  Members include: Mission Lacrosse (San Antonio), the HYLAX Hornets (Houston), The Jammers (Austin), Texas Legacy (Houston), The Hawks (Houston), Titan (Oklahoma), the Houston Hounds, and Team North Texas (Dallas).  8 programs from 5 Cities and 2 States.  Pretty exciting and for all the right reasons!  More details to follow! 

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