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Coaching Profile: AJ Anderson

10/26/2017, 2:45pm CDT
By Editor

Former StickStar Athlete and Dog Whisperer...

Coaching Experience

Fall 2012 - Present:  StickStar Lacrosse Educator

Spring 2018: Texas State University Defensive Coordinator

StickStar Experience

“First time I stepped on to the field in a coaching capacity was fall 2012.  I could tell from the first time I played, in summer of 2011 as a rising junior that the StickStar experience was unique.  Everything we do is unique and I think being run by native Texans is a big part of why our operation is original, our craft is being worked on by people who genuinely care.  First time I played was at the UNC Team Camp in 2011, a tournament we still attend and have won a trophy at for 4 consecutive years.” 

1. What is your greatest thrill as a coach?

"My greatest thrill as a coach would have to be winning the High School A division at the Lone Star Shootout out in Lewisville in 2015. Crimm and Saunders were out at IMG nationals with the 2019s and told us to run the show, so we ran it."

2. What is your greatest thrill as a player?
"My greatest thrill as a player was definitely blowing out Texas in the LSA Championship in 2015. We won by a final score of 12-3 which felt really good since we came up short in the same game a year earlier in OT. I will always remember the feeling of hoisting the LSA Trophy & getting to cut down the net after winning; I actually still have my piece of the net hanging up in my room."

Coaches Saunders, Anderson, Franklin. #4Pete

3.What's your favorite piece of StickStar Apparel?

For me, crew necks are just a great layer. I’m currently wearing one of my favorites, the scarlet Nike crewneck that our staff got last winter. Its got fleece on the inside so it feels tremendous and keeps you pretty insulated. But to be completely honest every piece of StickStar Apparel is my favorite. I mean, when it looks this good, how could you really pick just one?

4. Why do you enjoy coaching with StickStar?

During my time with StickStar Lacrosse, whether it’s been as a player or as a coach, it’s always been a special experience. My time on teams like the 2012 Gait Cup squad (#CookBook) were some of my best experiences as a player and now I get to show up everyday and coach with my best friends and ultimately some of the best people I know. StickStar is an incredibly unique organization in all aspects, Mrs. Crimmins is amazing, Michael Crimmins is the man. All of our players are sick. Our gear is sick. The things that we do to create and provide content in order to ensure the sport’s growth throughout the state is inspiring. I’m stoked to be a part of it all.

5. Favorite Coach?

All-Time? Probably Crimm? Coach Saunders was my favorite coach to play under. Mack Brown is up there.

6. Last played song on iTunes?

Yeah! -Usher

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