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2018 StickStar Seminar Schedule.

01/17/2018, 3:15pm CST
By Editor

Our 7th Spring of StickStar Seminars in an effort to build a Texas United!

Winter Combine 2017 was our best training opportunity ever. That's saying something. Check out our Training History by clicking here!

As we enter our 15th summer traveling select teams, one distinguishing aspect of our brand stands out - the training.  With StickStar, everything is a function of our style of development. The Component Based Instructional Methodology™ , paired with our StickStar Educators, is an inviting environment for active comparison.  Our StickStar Seminars provide the best priced instruction in the State for the number of hours spent on the field receiving training.   

Our Seminars separate us from everyone else.  They are unique, consistent, and guaranteed to help your player improve.  If players commit to our training, they will, without a doubt, become the best players possible!  One does not have to be the biggest, the fastest, the strongest.  We WILL make you smart and skilled.  (Although those other traits do help...)  Our training is based on skill development.  Stock drills and scrimmaging are not part of our curriculum.  Students of the game seek out our training.  With the upcoming, spring season around the corner, we are excited to announce the 7th year of our Texas United Statewide Seminar Series.  While seven years of Seminars sounds impressive, please, check out our History of Training to see our consistent dedication to getting quality groups of players to the field.  There is only way to get to Carnegie Hall - PRACTICE! 

For more details on StickStar Training opportunities, visit  for information and registration!

2018 Initial Training Schedule. Affiliate Seminars are not listed. Those will be released later!


Yesterday we released our StickStar Select Summer 2018 Schedule, in addition to preparing for summer teams, we are also prepping to take squads back up to the Resolute Midwest Classic.  It's our 3rd year heading up there, and you can find more information by clicking here!  We consider traveling for BOX not only as competition but more as training.  If you're in Middle School and would like to compete with our Box Program, please shoot an email to  It's a great spot to begin your integration with the StickStar Select Program, and a rather unique environment to do so.  We have a couple slots left on both our 7/8 & 5/6 teams.  We will have a BOX Training opportunity the weekend of February 10th & 11th! 

StickStar ID

In the coming weeks #StickStarReport18 will start to release some of the most comprehensive lists regarding High School players in the Lone Star State.  Lists on committed players, the best positional players, potential All Americans, and StickStar ID Watch Lists.  StickStar ID will become a part of our Seminar Series.

StickStar does its best to promote players from every program across the State through the StickStar Report, The Texas All Star Round Up, StickStar Showcases, and the Recruiting Radar.  While we try and watch as many games as possible, attending StickStar ID opportunities will also make it easier for us to become familiar with your abilities.

StickStar Texas United Seminars are for players who are truly students of the game.  Our component-based instructional methodology is unique, and our results are undeniable.  If this is something you or others are interested in, please, spread the word.  We look forward to seeing everyone out at StickStar Seminars this Spring! 

StickStar Productions Coming Soon.

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