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Oklahoma United #46ERS #OKunited

01/18/2018, 3:15pm CST
By Editor

A StickStar Lacrosse and Titan Sports & Performance Center partnership.

Oklahoma United.

For StickStar, judicious growth is key, slowly building and providing value when appropriate opportunities present themselves.  Without further ado and with great excitement, today we launch Oklahoma United, a partnership between StickStar Lacrosse and Titan Sports & Performance Center.

Oklahoma United is a function of demand, not global domination.  While the Oklahoma market has had quality programs, coaches, parents, and players all expressed a need for our unique & detailed style of instruction.  Our Component-Based, Instructional Methodology™, built and designed for emerging lacrosse markets, has been tried & tested by spending countless hours on the field, our lab.  Please check out our History of Training!  We will build the Oklahoma United program out of our Seminar & Training program, just as we have done south of the Red River.  There are no shortcuts to sustained improvement; you must work at development consistently over an extended period to truly see the desired results.

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Titan Sports and Performance Center

While receiving quality instruction is important, having a home base is a crucial part of the equation.  The Titan Sports & Performance Center, set to open March 2018, will be one of the finest facilities in all the country.  It encompasses 175,000 sq. ft. facility and includes 2, full-sized, indoor soccer fields, 8 basketball courts, 16 indoor volleyball courts, sports performance and training areas, along with 12 fields at the main facility and 19 at the South Facility, 4 of those being Lacrosse dedicated.  An absolutely astounding sports mecca!  OK United players will have access to D1, college-type facilities along with top tier, athletic development.  Due to Titan’s proximity to a variety of Midwest cities, it will become a destination for development and events.

StickStar Leading the Way

Leading the way for OK United are Anthony Crimmins (OK United Program Director) and AJ Anderson (OK United Head Coach).   AJ Anderson is making the move to Tulsa and will be in charge of facilitating the plan StickStar puts in place.  StickStar also aspires to place another StickStar Coach there by late April, early May.  In the meantime, Coach Crimmins will be very visible in Oklahoma to ensure consistency throughout the coming months with an ambitious, OK United, Seminar Training Schedule.

“When I started StickStar, I was 20 years old.  Now, we are entering our 15th summer of select travel.  Everything is a function of providing quality instruction.  We enjoy the active comparison and know that once players get to the field to work with us they will be captivated by our passion for the sport and our ability to transfer detailed instruction, while still having a good time.  It is a unique training environment (Anthony Crimmins).”

As a StickStar Select alum and a Texas State Lacrosse alum, A.J. Anderson has been coaching with StickStar since 2012.  He helped Texas State win their 2nd LSA Championship in program history by defeating the University of Texas in 2015.  He has the ability to provide nuanced goalie instruction and has been honing his craft for 6 years.  AJ has the full support of the StickStar system and the dedication to growing the game that makes him a great fit for leading OK United.  “Oklahoma is already starting to make some noise in the lacrosse community.  I’m just excited to be a part of creating an Oklahoma, United (AJ Anderson).”

The Schedule

What’s next?  This weekend StickStar Coaches AJ Anderson and Patrick Franklin will head up to Tulsa to work with the initial OK United teams and field questions.  Next weekend Coaches Crimmins and Anderson along with other StickStar Staff will head over to work with the Edmond North HS Team in OKC.  The following weekend we head back to for the 1st ever OKLAHOMA UNITED seminar at the Titan Facility.  All are welcome.  Any player in the State of Oklahoma, spread the word.  5th graders through current Seniors, we’d like to kick off Super Bowl weekend with a bang.  Spread the word and register today by CLICKING HERE!.  Finally, the last weekend in February we will be back up in OKC working with the Cap City youth program.  Ultimately in mid March after the dust settles, and the HS Season starts to move along we will have a secondary evaluation date as more folks become familiar with our program.  OK United will field HS and Youth Teams in the Summer of 2018.  It's important for people to understand that this is a program, not just a collection of teams.  As a program, we will train and work to be flexible when necessary!

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More Info

In the coming weeks we will launch our website,  You can follow us on Twitter & Instagram @OKunitedLAX.  If there are any questions regarding the joining the program or training with OK United, please reach out to Head Coach AJ Anderson at  He will look to promptly answer any questions you might have.  We look forward to growing the sport across the State of Oklahoma, Together, United.  Below, you'll also see an initial mock up of our uniforms.  If training is 1A for StickStar, looking the part is 1B!  See everyone soon!

Inaugural Oklahoma United Kit 2018. Red & White Reversible, with a Vegas Gold short.

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