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The Art of Erasing: StickStar's School for Goalie Instruction.

01/31/2018, 10:45pm CST
By Editor

Program Director: Aaron Skiles

Everything for StickStar is a function of training.  Training that is usually characterized as unique, thorough, and effective.  While there are definitely competitors in the goaltending instruction market very few have the fervor of our Program Director, Aaron Skiles.  Coach Skiles approach to goaltending development is to provide a tailored plan for each #AofE member.  By utilizing a tiered plan for improvement #AofE can layer on skill, technique and ultimately a greater understanding for one of the more nuanced positions in the sport.  In addition to have Coach Skiles, OK United Head Coach AJ Anderson will be heavily integrated in the program as well. 

Greg Hill. #Eraser

"I am extremely happy to welcome Coach Skiles in the StickStar Family and am excited for him to lead this program.  Booth he and Coach Anderson have a unique ability to relate skill to their students in their own unique ways.  Our students will learn a tremendous amount from both of them.  Coach Skiles has especially impressed me with his attention to detail and overall preparedness to train any number of goalies.  Simply stated, he can develop."  ~ Anthony Crimmins - StickStar Owner / Operator

Get to the next DTX Seminar and get integrated with the #AofE!

WHY THE ERASER?  When you think about a great goalie, he is definitely erasing points of the board.  He's trying to keep a clean sheet.  He's trying to clean up errors on defense, must keep everything nice and neat on that side of the field.  Great Tendies erase, it's what they do!

If you are interested in becoming an eraser fill out the attached form and welcome to the #AofE. 


Click here and head over to the #AofE sitelet for more info!

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