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StickStar Productions: Lone Star Alliance Coverage Calendar

02/01/2018, 8:15am CST
By Editor

A healthy number of games brought to you by StickStar & the Lone Star Alliance!

Games will always be streamed on our Youtube Channel. You can always click on the Schedule on the Left!

StickStar is happy to announce that, in 2018, #StickStarProductions will be the official, Live Stream Partner for the LoneStar Alliance of the MCLA.  That’s right, getting back on the mic!  StickStar and commentary go together like peanut butter and jelly, and the LSA is the bread that holds it all together.  We appreciate the league's forward thinking commitment to growing the game and allowing us to be a part of it.  #StickStarProductions is THE leader in Live Coverage of lacrosse in the State of Texas as we enter our 5th year of streaming in the State.

We’ve got an awesome schedule of contests that we will bring LIVE to you, the fans.  There are plenty of quality LSA divisional matchups, but also some key out of conference national games to highlight.  Some of those include this Friday’s kickoff between TCU and USC!  Other National games include D2 action between Missouri State & the Univ. of Texas at Dallas, along with Arizona taking on Oklahoma, and Florida State taking on the Univ. of Texas Longhorns.

The biggest game of the year might be the D1-bound University of Utah coming to Dallas to take on Southern Methodist University.  Mark your calendars for March 3rd at Noon!  It should be a big boy contest between a program making the move to the D1 Level and a club that we all hope will eventually take the plunge!  SMU, you are our only hope!

Below, you will see the full schedule of what games StickStar Productions will bring you.  We’ve got an overall LSA schedule and some bonus coverage of TCU as they’ve contracted us to do a couple more.  More exposure from a growing league - SOUNDS GREAT!

Lots of High School Lacrosse coverage provided by the #StickStarReport18.

On the Mic!

On the mic, we will have a wide array of commentators breaking it down as the number of games StickStar will bring live to your living room has increased.  Commentators include: Anthony Crimmins, Kyle Saunders, Patrick “The Hypeman” Franklin, Logan McCullough, and Brandon Mullins.  A host of hosts - it should be awesome.  Get ready for witty banter, our StickStar vernacular, and maybe some guests like Coach Gruden, should be great.  Stay dialed and keep your head on a swivel!  The action should be great!  Now, for the schedule!

Live Stream Schedule!

Feb. 2nd FRI (7:30 PM) USC @ TCU ***
Feb. 10th SAT (7:00 PM) Missouri State @ Univ. Texas at Dallas ***
Feb. 19th MON (7:30 PM) Dominican @ TCU
Feb. 25th SUN (1:00 PM) Texas State @ TCU
Mar. 3rd SAT (Noon) Utah @ SMU ***
Mar. 9th FRI (7:30 PM) Arkansas @ TCU
Mar. 9th FRI (7:00 PM) Oklahoma vs. Arizona ***
Mar. 11th SUN (Noon) Florida State @ Univ. Texas Longhorns ***
Mar. 24th SAT (1:00 PM) Texas Tech @ TCU
Mar. 25th SUN (1:00 PM) TCU @ UNT
Apr. 7th SAT (1:00 PM) SMU @ TCU
April 8th SUN (1:00 PM) Nebraska @ TCU
April 21st & 22nd Lone Star Alliance Playoffs @ UT ***
***Denotes LSA Scheduled LiveStreams

Everything starts Friday. Click on this link or subscribe to our youtube page.

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, AND subscribe to us on Youtube!  All games will be available on our youtube channel (  We’ll also have tons of bonus content so be sure to follow our army of Twitter handles @StickStarLax, @StickStarReport, @StickStarATX, @StickStarHype, @StickStarTendy, and @OKunitedLAX.  Looks like there will also be a little hint of #StickStarReport18 coverage north of the Red River, which is exciting!  Also, bookmark and sign up to join our #StickStarReport18 mailing list. 

Do you want StickStar to LIVE STREAM one of your games next season? We've partnered with the Lone Star Alliance on affordable game packages, just reach out to us at for more details on how we can get your team on board!  #StickStarProductions coverage of the Lone Star Alliance is going to be outstanding, let the games begin!  See everyone Friday!

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