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Annual Registrations

All Seminar, Combine, and League Registrations will be found below.  Any training we do, you will register here!

Active Registrations

Week 1
StickStarHabits: Making your Weighted Stick
StickStarHabits 1.1 - Wall Ball Basics
StickStarHabits #WOD 1 - 5_10_15
StickStarHabits 1.2 - Catching Workout
StickStarHabits #WOD 2 - 4x(400m + 50 squats)

1. Submit the Annual Player Information Form to join our distribution list.

2020 Player Information Form Lookup

To look up the details of a completed 2020 Player Information Form registration please type in all details exactly as they appear on the final registration.

Click to view all of your completed registrations.

2. Submit a Survey to demonstrate an interest to COMPETE!

2020 Summer Survey (Updated 12/12/2019)

The Summer Survey comes out in January. It provides the FINALIZED Summer Calendar, the PROPOSED Upcoming Annual Calendar, and serves as the primary SUMMER Indicator.

20/21 Fall Survey (Coming in AUG 2020)

The Fall Survey comes out in August. It provides the FINAL Fall Schedule, and the PROPOSED Upcoming Annual Calendar, and it serves as the primary Fall Indicator.

3. Annual Calendar (Training / Events / Tournaments)

Look at the Annual Calendar as StickStar sees it - A WEEKEND APPROACH. 

2020 Master Schedule

This will include a FALL / SUMMER by city practice plan.  WE WILL HAVE CONSISTENT PRACTICE IN HOUSTON, AUSTIN, DALLAS, and TULSA. Tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet break out the practice schedule by city (Dallas, Austin, Houston, Tulsa) and box opportunities.

StickStar Tournament Reference Guide

A tournament detail tab with tournaments by team, dates, locations and hotel blocks plus travel guides for each event and FAQ's. Can be found at