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StickStar Staff

Anthony Crimmins.

StickStar Lacrosse - THE Texas Lacrosse Company, Est. 2007

What makes StickStar so special? Well, StickStar is the Texas Lacrosse Company. Conceived, owned, and operated by Texans. We started this company before this industry was remotely so sought after. Everything has been judiciously built out of the belief in the Texas Lacrosse. We travel select teams, and have done so longer than anyone due to our longstanding belief that Texans can compete with the best from any region. We train consistently across the State because we believe players from any program can be great, and we relish the opportunity to continue their development. We manufacture apparel that demonstrates the pride we have in our state, along with the fact that it can be made correctly, and consistently on time, and in America, as the apparel market struggles in that regard. Finally, we cover the sport unlike anyone because we think the players of this state deserve it. Covering the sport in the LoneStar State through a variety of mediums including our Website, the Texas Lacrosse Magazine, our Podcast: #TheHydra, and our Live Streams has been some of our most rewarding work. It’s a ton of fun, and we hope to make the Texas Lacrosse experience enjoyable for everyone. We’re just getting warmed up.  ~ Anthony Crimmins - Owner

Kyle Saunders.

Russ Bolling.

Tyler Lee.

Michael Crimmins.

Logan McCullough.

AJ Anderson.

Patrick Franklin.

Aaron Skiles. Art of Erasing Program Director.

Zane Zoda.