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StickStar Player of the Year

StickStar 2017 Player of the Year wins this beauty! 2017 - Luke Millican (Jesuit)

Since 2011 we’ve covered the High School league unlike no other outlet, and since 2011 we’ve given away the StickStar Player of the Year Award.  The list of players this accolade has gone out to has been pretty unbelievable.  In 2017 we’re actually going to craft a trophy for this award, and we are pumped about it.  Being the player of the year is pretty cool, and there is no outside influence into this accolade, which makes it even cooler.  Check out all the previous award winners below.  These kids could ball out!

Click on their Pictures to see their Stories!

2016 - John Michael Priddy (Jesuit)

2015 - Sam Romano (ESD)

2014 - Foster Huggins (ESD)

2013 - Chris Roach (St. Marks)

2012 - Daniel Wenz (Highland Park)

2011 - Tyler Landis (Coppell) CoPlayer of the Year

2011 - Alec Lucas (Coppell) CoPlayer of the Year