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Understanding Recruitment & Matriculation.

    Recruitment is now a part of the fabric of lacrosse, and it will continue to be.  All players and parents are constantly trying to solve this great mystery, so on this page we’ll try and serve as a Recruiting Resource.  This resource is for everyone: the aspiring collegiate players, the confused parent, the youth coaches, the dad coach, the grand parents, casual observers, StickStar Players, non StickStar players, and everyone in between. 

    Recruitment is hyper complicated.  It is a mixture of process, seizing opportunities, managing expectations, athleticism, and roughly another 20+ variables.  Quite a concoction of unpredictability

    Managing Expectations is the single most important concept a family should understand before they begin the ups and downs of the recruiting process.  Before you can be evaluated by someone else, you should knock where you fit.  It’s easier said than done, and emotions must be checked at the door.  NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO DUKE, VIRIGINIA, UNC, MARYLAND & NOTRE DAME.  It’s very tough to play at the next level, it should be a goal, because it’s not an entitlement.   


    Creating your school list sounds easy, but you must put thought into it.  Research schools, understand academics, and get a feel for what level you can play at.  Your list should be tiered:  REACH SCHOOLS, 50/50 SCHOOLS & LOCKS.  REACH SCHOOLS are just that, they are going to be tough.  50 / 50 SCHOOLS might be a place you end up at.  LOCKS are schools and programs you know will work out. 


    Creating your film is something you must do early an often.  To make a film you must diligently collect your competition film whether it’s HS Footage, Select Team Footage or Showcase Footage.  Learn how to use iMovie and learn how to chop it up.  Finally, it should be current, and in many time you’ll have multiple film which coincide with the end of Fall Season, High School Season, and Summer Season.    


    Establishing contact with collegiate coaches isn’t easy. 1st step, get your information out there. This is where being proactive is crucial. Create a form letter and start to work on sending your film to the coaches on your list of potential programs. Create opportunities to get your updated information to them such as introductions & initial films, post season accolades and regular season film, and post summer, pre fall, & pre prospect camp clips. 

    How to download a video from StickStar's YouTube channel

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