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The StickStar Travel Experience

In this State and across the country, travel / select lacrosse is done a ton of different ways.  Each program has its competitive advantages & deficiencies, strengths and weaknesses.  We firmly believe that the StickStar Travel and Select Experience is completely unique.  StickStar has traveled teams since 2004.  In that time frame, we have established a consistency in credibility and culture few outside the east coast have been able to maintain. 

When we set out to travel many moons ago, we did not want to just create a team, but more of a quality program.  We believe, due to our tenure, that we have built a program that rivals any across the state.  We have a system, we have details, and everything is done for a reason.  Establishing a quality precedent for Texas travel teams was at the top of the list, and we still work extremely hard to do just that. 

In this StickStar Experience series, we will breakdown the following: the composition of our program and the pieces put in place before we hit the road; what it is like when we actually travel; and, ultimately, the result and lasting impression of our program. 

The StickStar Experience is broken down into:
The Full Service Program,
Added Value,
Looking the Part,
Consistency over Time,
Lasting Friendships,
and Getting Integrated.

We hope you enjoy!

Please, contact us should you like to compete or check out our training schedule (on the training tab.)

Anthony Crimmins

Program Director

Quality lodging establishments.

Roll out to the fields. Together.

Get on the bus, lets roll out.

Crossing the Bay.

Fall fields in Denver.


Padding up in Virginia.

Stretching in South Bend.

Do you want to be a part of our Experience. Contact Us or attend our training.

Anthony Crimmins

Program Director